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Flammable safety storage cabinets

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  Flammable safety storage cabinets are used for the standardized,safe and efficient storage of flammable,combustible and corrosive dangerous goods and chemicals.Safety cabinet series products have three colors:yellow(yellow indicates inflammable goods),red(red indicates inflammable goods)and blue(blue indicates weakly corrosive goods).The sizes of the three colors are the same,and the types of dangerous goods stored are different.
  ◆the whole series of Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet products have obtained CE certification;
  ◆all double-layer steel plate structures,with 38mm insulation layer between the two-layer steel plates;
  ◆double layer high-quality steel plate is spot welded,with longer service life and better fire resistance;
  ◆high quality three-point linkage door lock and zinc alloy lock tongue,easy to open and close 180 degree cabinet door;
  ◆one padlock is optional to meet the safety management requirements of double locks;
  ◆5cm high leakproof liquid tank prevents accidental outflow of liquid from overflowing;
  ◆professional and standard warning labels are obvious;
  ◆the double air holes equipped with fire shut-off device are respectively located at the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the cabinet body;
  ◆unique super strong load-bearing galvanized laminate can be adjusted up and down freely;
  ◆the cabinet is coated with epoxy resin inside and outside,with better corrosion resistance;
  ◆in strict accordance with OSHA specifications,the cabinet body is equipped with electrostatic grounding conduction interface,which is convenient to connect the grounding wire,lead the electrostatic charge to the ground,and reduce the fire risk caused by electrostatic spark;
  ◆the top and back of the cabinet are designed as the gas pressure release place to relieve the pressure splashing around in case of explosion;
  ◆the design of manual door opening(self closing door)is adopted.In order to ensure the fire performance of the safety cabinet,the door seam of the double door is not more than 3mm,and the upper and lower sizes of the door seam are the same;
  ◆non standard customization can be carried out according to the specific requirements of different customers to meet your actual needs;

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