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What is reagent cabinet?

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  Reagent Cabinet.Safe Storage.Main purpose is to safely store reagent and chemicals used in the lab in order to remove toxic gas and prevent indoor contamination.
  Recently,a reagent cabinet is used in a laboratory or a laboratory is required to have a system capable of identifying a dangerous situation through sensor data as various sensors are utilized.The existing system identifies the dangerous situation through various sensor data,but there is a problem that the server performs all the operations and the operation of the device is performed manually.
  In order to solve this problem,this paper proposes a system that can identify the dangerous situation and automatically operate the equipment through the internal environment data of the reagent cabinet.Identification of the hazardous situation is done through the master node used in the reagent cabinet,not the server.The server can continuously update the sensor data through the master node and monitor the real-time status of the reagent cabinet through the application.In this way,it is expected that the risk situation will be promptly addressed by identifying the dangerous situation in the reagent cabinet and operating the device.

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